Incident reporting system for nursing home employees

Dashboard Screen


The Ask

Design and prototype an accident reporting system for nursing home settings. Provide user specific interface views: Report Submission and Analysis.

Project Description

This project was about finding a way to make it easier for administrators in nursing homes to keep track of incident reports. It is vital that these forms are easily accessible and kept track of because they must be reported to OSHA.

The process of creating this system began with sketches, breaking down all the information that would be gathered on forms, and creating flows of the important tasks to be completed using the system. Breaking down the forms was important because many of the forms ask for the same information, so the labels needed to be standardized. It was also important to determine the types of information being gathered in order to develop a useful dashboard.

Once the planning process was completed, it was time to move into sitemaps and developing the first round of wireframes. The first round of wireframes was completed to get an idea of what information needed to be on each page and to work through how a user would move through the system. The wireframes were created in Axure.

At a Glance


The Dashboard

SafetyFirst is a system designed to make it easier for nursing home employees to report accidents and incidents as required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for regulated industries. Safety is a major concern in the workplace and this system will provide a single place for all of the data to be analyzed and viewed.

Dashboard Screens


1. Requirements

Organizing the Forms and Understanding the Requirements

In order to start designing, I had to learn more about OSHA reporting and the employees in nursing homes that would use this system.

Excel Spreadsheet

This project was about creating a system that allowed users to keep track of incidents reported by employees in a nursing home facility. The system had many forms that needed to be analyzed because many of the forms contained the same information. The labels for the form elements needed to be standardized across all forms and it was important to determine what type of input would be most effective for users.

Excel Spreadsheet

2. Planning

Creating the Design Docs

User Flow

There were also a lot of steps that needed to be well thought out in order to make the system run smoothly. An employee creates a report, which generates a case number and that case needs to be reviewed by the admin. This is a task flow for an admin appending a review to a case.

The site map shows the hierarchy of pages in the reporting dashboard.


3. Sketching

Initial Ideas

These were the first set of sketches. Once I knew what functions the system needed to have, I began sketching out ideas for how the system should look.


4. Wireframes

Designing the App

The first version of the wireframes were developed to better understand what features were needed on each of the pages. They were very rough but helped organize what needed to go on each page.

The first set of wireframes made it clear that there were issues with the navigation structure. The system needs to allow the user to create reports, manage cases, and submit reports. I went back to sketching to see if I could come up with something that made more sense.

Version 1 of Wireframes

The second version of the wireframes were more fleshed out with the new navigation structure that I developed. These wireframes were fully annotated to document how the system should work.

Version 2 of Wireframes
Version 2 of Wireframes
Version 2 of Wireframes
Version 2 of Wireframes

5. Prototyping

Designing Interactions

I prototyped the project in Axure to show all of the interactions across the system.


I developed the interactions with the forms. The forms have inline validation and in-line helper text.


I created an alerts drop down and other interactions to complete the prototype.



These are the final screens developed for the project.



Wireframing out the whole project roughly allowed me to see what the issues were with the design immediately

Dashboard design is a lot of fun