Sports Unified

App to help players and coaches keep track of events

Sports Unified Home Screen
Sports Unified


The Ask

Find a solution to increase participation in Unified Sports.

Project Description

10 students in the Interactive Media program worked with Special Olympics to develop and app from Sports Unified. The project began with understanding the problem and narrowing down what areas we wanted to focus on. We decided to build an application that would provide an easier way for people to get involved, connect people around the world, and promote inclusion through an online platform.

Key stakeholders were interviewed to uncover opportunities to make our app as useful as possible. Our main takeaways were that coaches were looking for more high-tech ways to organize their team, there is a lot of interest in growing Unified, and creating more local events for more competition is key to continued engagement.

Once the initial research was completed, the design team got to work on prototyping two applications to meet the needs of the client. The design went through many iterations and was tested with end users each week to make sure the app matched expectations.

At a Glance

Sports Unified

The Project

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Sports Unified


We used Agile methodology to work on this project. We worked to develop a new prototype each week so it could be tested with users right away to continuously get feedback and refine our design.

Design Team

1. Designing

Developing the Concept

The client was looking for a way to grow community engagement so we had a very broad ask to work with. We began the project with brainstorming sessions to break down the design problem and identify areas for improvement. This allowed us to come up with the concept for our application. The app is a tool for coaches to schedule and manage events and a tool for players to find events and teams in their area.

Affinity Diagram

We began by creating wireframes for the project to create rapid prototypes to start testing as early as possible. We used symbols in Sketch to create a style guide that we refined and developed as we went through the project.

Version 1 Wireframes

2. Feedback

Gaining a Better Understanding of our Users

After each prototype was developed we got it in front of users to test it and find out what we needed to improve on. In our weekly meeting, we went through the wireframes and discussed each one and the feedback we received on it.

Feedback and Redesigning

3. Iterating

Refining the Design

We ended up with 21 versions of our admin app and 11 versions of our player app.


4. Final

Final Designs

After 15 weeks we had two complete prototypes we presented to our client. The two prototypes were developed in inVision to demonstrate the interactions to the client. They reflected all of the user feedback we had gathered over the 15 weeks.

Admin/Coach App
Coach App Final
Sports Unified


These are a few of the screens designed in Sketch for the final prototype

Sports Unified


When collaborating on sketch projects keeping all of the art boards organized and labeled is key.

The Craft plugin for sketch saves so much time!

Creating a design library when working on a team so everyone is using the same buttons and fonts while developing wireframes is a must.